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How many times have you shown a vacant property and your buyers just couldn’t quite picture themselves in it, or even how they would layout the furniture? How often are buyers overlooking your vacant listing because they can’t see past the blank slate?

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Roughly 65% of people describe themselves as a visual thinker, meaning that they see pictures in their head when they think of things. However most people have a hard time creating pictures out of nothing. Even artists have a hard time with a blank canvas.

While your vacant listing is a blank slate for someone to come in and decorate and arrange the house into their home, people need a little help and direction to see all the potential a property has to offer.

That’s where virtual staging comes in. 

We can take a blank canvas of a vacant listing and stage the photos with lifelike furnishings to give buyers an idea of what a space could look like.

This isn’t the days of clipart photoshop, we’ve come a long way from then.

Using a library full of various different kinds of furniture, we’re able to match the style and architecture of the property. 

Now we don’t recommend virtually staging every photo of the property, or even every photo of a particular room. 

The top three rooms of a house that we recommend focusing on are, the Living room, Dining Room, and the Primary Bedroom. These are the rooms that buyers are most likely to care the most about.

Let’s take a look at some examples!

Before Image After Image

Here’s the original shot of this Living room.

And Here’s the virtually staged shot. We even staged the dining room in the other room.

Before Image After Image

Here’s a wide open dining room

And here’s the table ready for dinner!

Before Image After Image

Let’s check out a primary bedroom.

Doesn’t look much different than any other bedroom in the house.

But the virtually staged shot is definitely more inviting!

Virtual staging can’t always take the place of real staging, but it can give buyers a great starting point to envisioning themselves and their stuff in the home.

You can add as many virtually staged photos as you need to any of our photo packages and they’ll be delivered right along with the rest of your media the next business day. Or if you’d like to choose the furniture and your preferred angle, we’ll send you our catalog to choose from.

Just one more tool to help you get the most out of your listings!

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