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With housing inventory flying off the shelves in record time, why should you go all out in marketing your new listing? Why should you spend the time and money on getting a virtual tour created? It’s just a waste of money isn’t it?


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The current listing shortage and subsequent sellers market has caused many brokers to relax their marketing efforts. If the house is going to sell so quickly, why bother with all the marketing? Successful realtors know that the market shifts fast and that they need to always be positioned . to change tactics at a moments notice

One of the first things that many brokers forgo, is having a virtual tour created of the property.

But this is a huge mistake!

Virtual tours can actually save you both time and money!

This time last year everyone was scrambling to get virtual tours of their listings because they saw the value in having a way to let people view a property without being physically present. Unfortunately, many realtors don’t realize how much more value a virtual tour offers. 

A virtual tour opens up the buyer pool for your listing to not only the local buyer, but nationally even internationally! Out of state buyers aren’t always available to tour a bunch of houses, especially as quickly as they are being snapped up around here. 

These out of state buyers, many times have the means to offer your seller more options to fit their unique needs with the home. 

But besides the initial viewing of the property, what else are you going to use the tour for?

Well, glad you asked!

How many showing requests have you had from buyers under contract that wanted to show their friends and family their new house? How many times have you had buyers want to measure for furniture or updates?

This can be a huge pain, especially if your sellers haven’t moved out yet.

With a virtual tour, many times the buyers don’t have to see the property in person, they can use the virtual tour to do their planning and measurements. – Did you know that you could do measurements in a virtual tour? Check it out on our sample iGUIDE virtual tour linked below!


So virtual tours can save you time and money by reducing the number of showings for a property as well as opening up the door to a much bigger buyer pool!

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