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Could you be breaking the law, and not even know it? Not many people talk about it, but just sharing a few pictures could get you in a ton of hot water.

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If you buy something and pay for it, its yours right? I mean thats what stores exist for. 

Well, that’s not always the case.

Certain intellectual property actually has a copyright, which means that the ownership remains with the creator.

What you’re really buying is just a license to use for a specific purpose.

So, just like when you buy a movie on DVD or Apple TV, you get a license to watch it in the comfort of your home. But you can’t setup a drive in movie theater and charge your friends to come watch it with you.

But what does that have to do with real estate?

Real estate photos and other media created to market your listing also fall under copyright law.

Which means that if you don’t know what type of license you are buying, you may not be able to do what you want with the photos.

Luckily, most times the license is pretty broad, allowing you to use the photos for marketing your listing for at least the duration of the listing agreement and allows you to post them online to market the property.

But did you know that you usually aren’t allowed to give the photos to the sellers, stagers, builders, or other brokers? At least not without a written agreement from the photographer.

This is what’s known as a limited license. 

It can as broad or restrictive as the photographer makes it.

Not all photography companies have the same licensing agreements.

At Servant 360°, we’re part of your marketing team, as such we make it easy for you to use the media that we create to market yourself and your listing. While we do retain ownership of all the media we create, so we can use them in our portfolio and such,  we give you a broad license to use however you need to for marketing purposes.

Now if someone else asks to use the photos, all we ask is that you send them to us to get permission. This covers you and them from any potential issues with copyright down the road.

We’ll even send them to your sellers for a keepsake free of charge!

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