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Are you sending your leads to your competition? You work hard to generate leads and sales, don’t just give it all away.

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Your new listing just went live on the MLS! Awesome! Time to let everyone know that you’ve got a new listing for sale! So you head over to Facebook and write up a post. 

Just listed! 123 Main Street, Come check it out! And then you post some photos.  Where are people going to go to get more information on your listing? If that’s all you posted, they’re gonna have to Google the address and search for the or listing right? Why would you voluntarily send anyone to Zillow!

Wait, maybe you linked the FlexMLS public link in your facebook post. That’s better right? Except, look at what that looks like… would you stick around and explore that? They’ll be back to Googling the address to find out more info.

Now when someone googles your listing, what comes up? 

More then likely, they’ll get the map result since its an address. But then the high ranking real estate sites come up., are usually the first ones, but they’re followed by a bunch of other real estate listing sites all looking to steal your lead and sell them to the highest bidder. Yup, the top results for your listing are just looking to make a quick buck on your hard work!

So how do you stop them from stealing your leads?

Well, lets go back to your facebook post. Instead of just posting the address and a couple of photos, you need to give potential buyers all the information they are looking for. I don’t mean put it all in your facebook post. You need to have a place where you can send them if they want more information. But if you shouldn’t use the flexmls link, what should you do?

That’s where single property websites come in! These are listing specific sites that give buyers all the information they need about the property, but only that property. And it should be branded to you. Only you.

When you order any of our Photo packages or add our Marketing Kit, you get a property website included at no extra cost! We’ve got several different styles you can choose from or you can just leave the great looking default one. The best part though is that you don’t lose your leads to your competition! These sites are branded to you with your contact information, even a contact form so they can reach out if they’re interested!

Keep the leads you’ve worked hard to get and make sure you’re using all the tools available for your listing!

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