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Are you marketing your listing to the right people? Don’t forget this part of the transaction!

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So you entered all the information about your new listing into the MLS, you posted on Facebook and Instagram, maybe even uploaded your listing video to youtube. Now you just sit back and wait for the buyers to find your listing and make an offer right?

What else can you do? The listing side is supposed to be the easy side anyways right?

Well there’s a missing piece that many Realtors overlook when it comes to marketing their listing.

Almost all buyers rely on their Realtor to filter through and send them listings to look at and decide whether to schedule a showing or not. If you want your listing to stand out and get the most attention, you need as many fellow Brokers to know about your listing as possible! 

Other Realtors can be a great resource to making your listing stand out with their buyers and can lead to more active listings.

We’ve got several tools that can help you with just that!

First off, all of our listing packages come with our Total Marketing Kit, which is chock full of every kind of marketing images and videos you need to spread the word about your listing. Part of this kit is a Flyer creator that builds a flyer automatically for you to print and put at your listing. 

But this flyer is also great to send to your list of brokers you’ve worked with in the past and see if they have any buyers that would be interested in your listing. Or take it a step further and send the flyer to any one of the several title companies around here that will blast it out to their network for a nominal fee!

Our standard flyer is created automatically for you when we deliver your media, but you can edit  any of the photos or details or even choose an entirely different flyer template from inside your account.

Another one of our great tools, is our brand new Hot Sheet email. As part of our new marketing kit roll out, we’ve introduced a weekly email with all of our most recently photographed listings that have gone active during the week. This email showcases your listing and other Realtors can visit the property website for your listing for more information.

All you need to do to be included in this weekly email is book one of our listing packages or add our Total Marketing Kit to any photo order.

Make sure you’re marketing your listing to everyone who could help get your listing sold. And don’t forget about your fellow Reators!

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At Servant 360° we provide real estate marketing media and strategies that help Realtors, just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money.

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