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Are you tired of searching through emails, digging through files, or clicking random links trying to find the photos and media for your listings? Want to put together a listing presentation and need photos from one of your older listings to show the new client?

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When you need to get your listing live you don’t need to be fumbling around trying to find your photos. You need to get them uploaded to the MLS and move on with your day. Almost every photography company is going to deliver the photos in a different way. From obscure links and dropbox folders, to thumb drives (yup some guys still do that!).  

You need an easy way to store and download your listing media.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been rolling out our brand new client portal! With this new system, you have easy access to all of your listing media, for all of your listings, along with being able to order new shoots directly from the portal.

Lets take a look at how the client portal works!

Once you log in you’ll see your dashboard. You can order a new shoot by clicking on the button here at the top. We have any scheduled shoots listed here.. If you need to reschedule you can click on the link here and easily reschedule for another time and date.

Listings that are waiting for the photos to be ready will be listed under Preparing sites here. 

And all of your listings going forward will be listed here.

You can easily click on the download photos button to open up the download page for any of your listings. Of course you can view the property site, edit the property details or open the marketing kit page here as well.

Now you don’t need to search all over for your listing media. Just log in, download and move on!

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At Servant 360° we provide real estate marketing media and strategies that help Realtors, just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money.

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