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So you’re on Facebook, Instagram… 

Maybe even SnapChat or TikTok…

But are you showing up where 90% of people are looking?

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Everyone these days is using Social Media to pass the time and entertain themselves. 

Queue the Viral TikTok videos…

You’ve probably heard experts and influencers tell you that as realtors you need to be on all these platforms as well.

And you probably should.

But keep in mind that social media is just that, social. It’s where people go to be entertained and catch up on what their friends are doing, not where people go to be sold to.

In fact realtors should only be posting about real estate 10% of the time at most.

Did you know that there is another FREE platform where you can post almost exclusively about real estate and your business, where over 90% of people are going first when they are looking to buy or sell?

You probably use it everyday even.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s Google!

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is your free profile to tell Google and the rest of the world about your business and who you are.

Did you know that 80% of buyers and sellers “Google” a broker before hiring them, even if they’ve been referred or seen their marketing elsewhere?

So what is Google Business Profile and how can it help you as a Realtor? 

Think of it as a digital storefront. It displays information about your real estate business.

Your contact info, client reviews, photos, videos, and information posts. 

And it sits on the top right hand side of the Google search results page on desktop or at the top on mobile devices. It also shows when someone is searching maps for businesses. 

But it isn’t just a business listing online, It’s a hugely beneficial tool for brokers looking to earn more organic traffic and leads from ranking higher on Google.

Businesses that are prominently  displayed in front of one of the internet’s largest audiences stand to benefit the most.

The key to it though is to make sure you’re utilizing it to its fullest potential.

So make sure you’ve claimed your google business profile and filled it out with all of your contact info and business details.

But then make sure you’re uploading photos and videos about your business along with creating posts regularly that promote you as a Realtor.

And don’t worry, here it’s pretty much all business. So go ahead, post often about real estate, it’s what it’s here for!

If you saw our 5 day marketing blitz framework, you’ll notice that Google Business Profile is one of the secret weapons to the blitz. 

It’s a great platform to help get the word out about you and your business, and without spending a ton of time on social media.

Make sure you claim your free profile!

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Thanks for watching and as always it’s our pleasure to serve!

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