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Q: Do you do "HDR" photography?

A: HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it is an often overused (and incorrectly used) process that involves blending multiple exposures together to show all of the darkest shadows and brightest highlights in one photo. Our standard shoots are most often blended images through multiple exposures to bring back the light and window details. 

Q: How should a home be prepared for photography?

A: You can download a full checklist of things that should be completed before every shoot HERE.

Q: Do I need to be present at the photo shoot?

A: We have Supra lockbox access, so if you’ve placed the lockbox on the property we can access it without you or the seller being present. However if there isn’t a lockbox and no one is present, we’ll have to reschedule the shoot for another time and you will incurr a cancellation fee.

Q: How long does it take for the photos and videos to be ready?

A: Photos are typically delivered within 24 hours of the shoot. Videos can take up to 48 hours. 

Q: How are the photos and videos delivered?

A: We use a service called Dropbox which allows you to download a folder to your computer and when the images are complete they will simply show up in the folder ready to use! You can also download the photos and share the folder with others in on your team.

Q: Do you provide photography for interior designers, architects, builders, etc.?

A: Absolutely! Commercial projects such as these have very different processes involved, and are slightly more expensive than real estate photography due to the process as well as the use of the images. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Q: How much does it cost? Do you provide discounts?

A: Rates vary depending on services needed. All pricing and availability can be found in the order form. Brokerages who commit to 100% listings are eligible for an exclusive partner rate.

Q: Does the Realtor® or the seller pay for the services?

A: This is entirely up to both parties. Realtors® run their businesses the way that makes sense for their business. Not all of them provide professional photography for listings, in which case the seller can. **Please keep in mind that you are not purchasing the photos and videos. You are purchasing a license to use these photos and videos for the sole purpose of marketing the current sale of the property. The licensing for the use of these photos expires when the listing agreement ends. The photos may not be sold or licensed to any other person or entity by anyone other than the photographer.

Q: Who owns the photos and videos?

A: Copyright for all photos and videos are owned by Servant 360° LLC, but a usage license is provided upon payment with all properties to be used according to local MLS rules for the life of the current listing. What this means is that the photos cannot be used by a third party unless a separate usage license is purchased. They may NOT be used by another agent if the listing agreement has expired and has been acquired by another brokerage – a usage licence must be purchased, which is less than the cost of a photo shoot. 

Q: Does having professional photography and video work?

A: The short answer is “yes”, however, there’s two responses to this question. First, almost 100% of home searches are done online. When you look through the MLS services, professional photography will make the listing stand out and the viewer will be less likely to skip through and in turn is more likely to schedule a showing. Some agents have reported that since using professional photography, their listings tend to sell at least 1.5 months faster than the average listing on the market. Second, professional photography is brand building. If you are satisfied with the quality of images you can take on your own you should continue to do so. However, it is very likely that when it boils down to it, the potential seller is going to choose professional photography if given the option.

Q: Yeah... but will my listing sell faster?

A: Professional real estate photography and video are marketing tools. It will enhance the online presence of your listing, and will be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition and get further reach on social media. There are too many factors involved that contribute to the sale of a listing.