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If you’ve added a new listing to the MLS in the last few weeks, you may have noticed this new link in the Media section.

Floor Plans are a great addition to your listing marketing, but what they don’t tell you, is what may end up costing you a bundle!


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In the 2020 NAR Trends Report, Floor plans were the 3rd most useful marketing feature that buyers looked at online, below only photos and property information. Buyers need more than just photos to help them make decisions early in the home search process. A new, fast and easy way to add a floor plan to your new listing has popped up on your FlexMLS account, but should you use it? FloPlan promises a quick scan and 24 hour turnaround for a floor plan.



However, that’s probably not all you need. These automated floor plans don’t give you measurements or square footage. And isn’t that why you get a floor plan?

If you’ve gotten a square footage verification from your favorite appraiser or measurement provider, then maybe a floor plan only will work for you. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for effectively the same service multiple times.

That’s why we provide laser measured floor plans, measurements, and square footage calculations all in one with our iGUIDE system. The iGUIDE’s .5% margin of error, ensures that you have accurate data to work with. Especially, since one of the top E&O claims in New Mexico is for square footage inaccuracies.



You get a clear and concise branded pdf to upload to the MLS along with images that you can add to the listing photos or for your other marketing materials. And if you order one of our packages with a virtual tour, the floor plan is integrated right into the tour so you never get lost or confused as to where you are.

Buyers are looking for floor plans on your listings. Make sure they’re accurate and include all the info they’re looking for. Don’t waste your time and money to get only half the picture.

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