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How do you market in today’s post COVID economy? What do agents need to do to stay competitive?

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 Hey, everyone. Today, we’ve got Rob Hill with Van Dyke Mortgage with us. Hey, guys. What’s up? 

Rob and I both serve on the affiliate committee here at GAAR and got to chatting the other day and, he’s got a great new event that he’s putting on that we thought we’d share with all of you. 

Yeah, Pete. So, super excited. We have Steve Richman coming to town. 

If you don’t know who Steve is, get on Google, look at some YouTube videos of Steve Richman or that MI guy. He used to be with Genworth, a mortgage insurance company, MI Mortgage Insurance and now, he works with us at VanDyke. 

He’s a nationally recognized speaker. He’s very energetic and a lot of fun to hear. He’s got some tools to help you as realtors as well as a few economic market updates for us to talk about. So, definitely should be some good stuff  to help you market, get out there, and a little bit of what to expect going forward into 2022 even. If you do tend to chase that and trying to get in front of the market where we’re at now.

Definitely excited. We’re gonna be doing it on August 9th, 10 AM at Sandia Casino. 

In one of the ballrooms there and you guys gonna provide food of some sort, right? 

Yes, there will be a breakfast at around ten thirty. We’ll have mimosas, a little mimosa bar. So, if you  want to imbibe a little bit, not too much in which you can’t drive but  yeah, it’ll be a lot of fun. And  so yeah, we’ll be there. Love to see you. 

Perfect. Perfect. Well, thanks for that, Rob. So, we’ll be there as well. Sounds like a great time. 

Steve sent us a short video so check out this clip. 

Steve Richman – 

“Hello, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Why am I standing in my garage? 

Why is this all behind me? 

Because any real estate agent knows that if you see this behind somebody in their garage, what are they doing? 

They’re moving. That’s right. 

I might be in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m moving but before I do that, on August 9th, I am coming to Albuquerque, New Mexico to speak to you about Realtor Reality. 

That’s right and on August 11th, I settle. Meaning, I’m driving my wife crazy right now by having this conversation with you and coming to join you on August 9th. 

So you need to join me so we make it worthwhile. 

We’re gonna talk about must-have apps that every real estate agent needs. 

Must know websites so that you figure out. Hey, how do I know what’s going with the marketplace? 

We’re gonna talk about how to keep dogs quiet next door. Well, maybe not but we’re also gonna talk about what’s going on in the market, what’s going on with the economy, how to deal with the lack of inventory, all good things, how to make you successful and guess what? 

If we have a good session, then my wife will be happy with me. 

I will see you on August 9th.” 

10 AM, August 9th at Sandia Casino. Make sure you register and get your tickets for this in-person event. Look forward to seeing you there.

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