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Your listings should be generating new leads for you. Are you capturing them all?

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To sell your new listing you need to put in the effort to market it properly. Part of that marketing is to get your listing in front of as many qualified buyers as possible. If only one buyer will end up with the property, how are you serving the other buyers? On average, top producers generate 2-3 buyer leads for every listing. How are your listings performing?

Over 70% of buyers use the first agent they talk to. So being that first agent is extremely important.

All of our Marketing Kits that come with our packages have a built in contact form, so your buyers can reach out to you and get more information and schedule a showing on your new listing. But an even more powerful lead generating feature that all of our Marketing Kits include is our Text for Info platform!

This great feature levels the playing field and helps you generate new leads. For every listing you get a local phone number that potential buyers can text or call for more information about the listing,  you can put this number on sign riders, social media posts, flyers, anywhere you’re marketing your listing. Every time someone texts or calls for more information, you instantly get a text with the leads phone number and the listing they are interested in! 

These leads are hot and ready for you to reach out and see how you can help them.

Lets take a look at quick example.

Under Lead Capture in the account view of your marketing kit is our local number and code to put in your marketing.  

All the buyer needs to do is text the code or call and enter the code for the listing to this number and they will be sent a link to the property website which has all of your listing media.

Here’s the cool part. As soon as they text or call, you’ll get a text message with their number, what property they are interested in and a link to the property website so you have the property info on hand.

Start capturing new leads with all of your listings! Make sure to book your next listing with us at Servant 360°.

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At Servant 360° we provide real estate marketing media and strategies that help Realtors, just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money.

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