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Are you looking for cool photos to post on Instagram and Facebook? Need background images for your website or blog post? Stick around for a FREE resource for local photos and videos you can use to promote your real estate business!


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So you’re dressing up your website or social media profiles and want to have a bunch of photos that show the beauty of this area. You could spend years learning how to take great photos and travel all over the city taking shots yourself or you could hire a photographer to go all over the place taking photos. But both of those can be expensive, either with Time or Money.

Through a partnership with the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties plus many others, they have made available thousands of FREE images you can use to help promote your business here in the Albuquerque area! It was designed to promote economic development  of the area and allows you to download and use them for all your print, video or online marketing. 

Let’s take a look at what you can find.

Head over to

We’re going to click on Galleries from the menu across the top

Click on Galleries

And here you’ll see there are two groups, Photos and Videos. You can browse through what they have or you can search for things with the search bar here at the top.

Lets see what we can find for Skyline.

Over a 100 results that include that tag.

They’ve got panoramic shots, sunset shots, daytime shots and more.

What if we wanted a video for the background on our website?

Lets filter the results to show videos.

Here’s a cool skyline clip we could use!

What about the mountains though? Everyone love the mountain views.

Lets search Sandias.

Here’s a nice timelapse of the clouds moving over the mountains.

This is such a great resource for free images with a local flare.

Again the website is

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