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So you’ve done everything you’re supposed to, gotten professional photos, Floor Plan and Virtual tour for your listing. But if you’ve chosen the wrong provider, you may be missing out on a big chunk of buyers due to this little known fact.

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Getting professional marketing media for your listing has always been important, but getting it from the right provider is even more important! As the listing broker, you want to get your new listing in front of as many qualified buyers as possible. Not all media providers are created equal though!

The top 3 real estate websites get most of the traffic for all real estate searches. The NAR 2020 Trends report found that 97% of buyers use the internet to search for homes and over half found the home they ended up purchasing, online. But not all of the sites display your listing media the same.

Zillow is the top real estate site in the US ranked by for traffic volume. While everyone has their differing opinion about Zillow, you can’t deny that that’s where people are going to find their next home. Just like they don’t necessarily play nice with real estate brokers, they don’t play nicely with most listing media companies either!

Zillow had a falling out with one of the top virtual tour companies, and as such no longer display those virtual tours on the site where most buyers can find them! So you may think you’re doing all you can and marketing your listing the right way, but the top real estate website in the country isn’t even showing potential buyers potential decision making information!

Currently there are only two virtual tours that show up prominently on Zillows own, Zillow 3D Home and iGUIDE Virtual Tours.

We offer both of these virtual tours, but the iGUIDE is a much better experience and higher quality than the Zillow tour.

Let’s take a look at how much more prominently Zillow displays virtual tours with the iGUIDE.

When you’re on your computer, this is what you’ll see. Right under the main photo, they put a nice big Virtual tour ad! They come right out and ask the buyer if they want to tour the home virtually! With a big button to click on!

If you’re on a mobile device, they put a nice button right up top on the main photo.

When you don’t use the right media provider, your virtual tour doesn’t show up here. Like I mentioned, only two virtual tours show up here, Zillow’s 3D Home and the iGUIDE virtual tour.

Any other tour shows up buried in the facts and features section. You have to scroll down, click on a link to see more facts and features and then scroll down some more to find the link to the virtual tour! Most people don’t have the attention span for that!

You want to make things easy for buyers to find your listing and decide to tour and put an offer on it. Don’t miss out on a big chunk of buyers, just because you didn’t use a virtual tour that shows up prominently!

Don’t waste your time and money on services that don’t drive you all the buyers possible for your listing.

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