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Need to go live quickly? Choose this option and you might be able to go live tonight.

Hey everyone, I’m Pete Stagl with Servant 360°, if you’re new here, we share tips and strategies that help Realtors, just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money. Make sure to like and subscribe to always be notified when we release these weekly videos!

So you just got the listing agreement signed and your sellers are super excited to get the house on the market. You want to capitalize on the timing and get your listing live for the weekend showing rush. But can you get your marketing team moving quick enough?

If you have Servant 360° on your team, you definitely can! With our multiple professional photographers and our online scheduling, you can book a shoot that fits your schedule, sometimes even for the very next day! Not only can we get the shoot done quickly and efficiently, we also offer same day photo editing and delivery as an option. Now when you’re in a time crunch, you can get your photos the very same day we shoot them so you can upload and go live ASAP!

Just select the same day editing option when booking your shoot and we’ll have your photos delivered typically by 7pm the day of your shoot. You’ll also instantly have access to all of the great marketing assets included in our Marketing Kit so you can announce your new listing on all your social media channels. If your order included a floor plan, virtual tour, or video these will be added to your property site and downloads the next business day as usual so you can add them to your listing.

When you need to go live As Soon as Possible, choose Servant 360° and our same day editing option. Make sure your marketing team is working for you.

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At Servant 360° we provide real estate marketing media and strategies that help Realtors, just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money.

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