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Realtors want to sell more houses.

That’s what you got into the business for right? You want to sell more houses, faster and for more money.  You can put it in other terms, such as “serve more clients” or help more people. But ultimately it comes down to, you want to sell more houses, otherwise you might as well get a job doing something else. Its the upside of being a realtor, you can make a bunch of money and serve, help, guide people along the way.

But that’s a big problem for most brokers because its not easy selling houses is it? And well that’s kinda a good thing right? If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

So how do you sell more houses, faster and for more money?

Well, you have to Market yourself better.

Now I may be a photographer, but I’m a marketer first.  And that’s what you need to become to be a better Realtor.

If you just sit around and wait for new clients to walk up to you and ask you to help them buy or sell a house, you’re not going to get much business right?

You need to be actively out there drumming up business. You need to be building that know, like and trust with people so that when they or when someone they know are ready to buy or sell they think of you first. 

But who should you market to and how?

When I ask brokers who their target clients are, they often say “anyone with a pulse!” or something similar. The problem with that is, you can’t be everything to everyone, if you think you are marketing to anyone with a pulse, you ultimately are not really marketing to anyone.

You need to clearly define who you want to work with so that your marketing can speak directly to them.

For example, if you really like to work with First Time Homebuyers because you like answering a million questions and holding their hands through the entire transaction, your marketing is going to speak to them differently than to say the Luxury buyer who is on their 5th home purchase. 

Or if you want to work with estates and probate clients, you’re going to have to market to them differently than you would the first time homebuyers.

Now a common objection to this that I get is, but I don’t want to lose out on leads if I’m not marketing to everyone.

I’ll tell you what though, you won’t lose out. I’m not telling you not to work with every lead that comes your way, I’m telling you that if you niche down and market to a specific group of people, you’ll get more of the clients you want to work with. And if other clients come along you can serve them of course, or you can even refer them to colleagues who specialize in their specific situation.

For instance I’ve got a client whos a broker here in the Albuquerque area. Her husband is a police officer as well as several of her other family members. I don’t know if you know or not, but there can be a lot of concerns around selling the home of a police officer. If you don’t depersonalize and put photos and other identifying information away, you could be putting the officer and their family in harms way.

There is always a lot of anxiety and stress in selling a home, but even more so when lives are at stake.

Anyway so my client is in a very unique position in that she knows the potential hazards and how to allay any fears or concerns her clients might have when it comes to selling an officers home. So that’s her target market, public safety officers. All of her marketing efforts go towards gaining new clients that work as police, fire, other emergency service personnel. That doesn’t mean that if she comes across someone who doesn’t fit within that category that she won’t help them, it just means that she’s not actively marketing to people outside of her target market.

Imagine how much easier it would be to market to a specific group of people, not to mention a group you really like working with?

Instead of ads and social media posts blindly telling people that you’re a Realtor and can help them buy or sell a home, you can speak directly to your target clients and put their mind at ease that you can help them. All of your marketing can have a sense of purpose and meaning instead of being a random mess.

You’d know exactly what types social media posts to make, even which social media platforms you should even be on.

You’d know exactly where to do advertising or sponsor events because you know where your market hangs out.

You’d know exactly what information your clients would be looking for.

If you are marketing to your target audience, it just make things so much easier and clearer.

Contrast that to what most realtors are doing, what you may even be doing.

When Brokers start out they’ve got their friends and family. They usually can get a transaction or two out that group right off the bat.

But then they have to start marketing themselves outside their little circle. So they start posting on social media, and hang their digital shingle out telling everyone that they are a licensed Broker and that they can help buy or sell homes.

Maybe they take some classes at the local association and they learn how to build their sphere of influence. And now they have a slowly growing list of people to call, text, email, snail mail, popby and otherwise hound until they’re ready to move.

Then they start getting cold called by all sorts of vendors trying to sell them leads or crms or websites or other marketing opportunities.

And after a short while, they’re “marketing” their business all over the place very haphazardly and without a plan.

Which broker would you want to be?

Choosing your niche and being specific about who you want to work with isn’t really all that hard. You just need to figure out who you have an affinity for and who you feel you could best serve.

Going back to my client example earlier, she likes helping public safety officers. She knows the language, they have similar hobbies, she frequents the same businesses. She chose them because she’s already ingrained in that lifestyle.

So what’s your target market? Who is your ideal client? This is the first part of becoming a better marketer.

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