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How do you show listings to your out of state buyers, before they even set foot in state? How do you keep your at risk clients safe while still showing them properties that might work for them? That’s what we’re gonna answer on this weeks Real Estate Marketing Minute!

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The pandemic has definitely changed how people go about their daily lives. But even before all of this, it’s always been hard on out of state buyers to find their next home here in the land of enchantment. In person showings aren’t always the best option.

That’s where virtual showings come in! There are several ways that you can do a virtual showing, from recording a video on your phone while walking through the property to facetiming with your client in the house. But one of the best ways we’ve found is to use a little known feature that comes with all our iGUIDE virtual tours. 

An iGUIDE Virtual Showing is a great way to guide your buyer around the property and point out all the cool features, just like you would while showing in person. Your buyer will see exactly what you see, and move around the tour the same way as you are.  Its easy to start a virtual showing right from any iGUIDE virtual tour.

Let’s jump in and take a look.

First thing once you’re on the iGUIDE you’d like to do a virtual showing on is you’ll click on the share icon at the bottom.

iGUIDE share icon

You’ll be asked to enter your name the first time you do a virtual showing.

Then you’ll click on Start Virtual Showing.

Start Virtual ShowingOnce you’re on the iGUIDE, now its time to share with your clients to have them join you.

Click on the share icon at the top to get the url that you’ll send to your clients.

iGUIDE Virtual Showing URL

You’ll want to share this url with your clients however you’ve been communicating with them, text it, email it, send it in facebook messenger etc.

Once your client clicks on the link, they’ll need to enter their name so you know who is attending the showing. Then they are in.

This is the cool part. As the host, whatever you look at in the virtual tour, your client is going to see.

This is one of the best ways to view a virtual showing for all involved!

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