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What’s holding you back from using professional photos? In this weeks Real Estate Marketing Minute, we bust 5 common pro photo myths.

  • Myth 1. You don’t need photos 

So you’ve got an off market deal or the market is just so hot you don’t even need photos of the listing! Busted, There’s many reasons you need to have photos of the listing. but the biggest one for off market deals is that, Appraisers look at the photos to help value the property and they need to see your listing looking its best. Both for the sale of your listing and for comps for others. How many times have you done a CMA and grumbled that a listing didn’t have clear photos of the property?!

  • Myth 2. Cell phone is just as good

Ok so you know you need photos, but cell phones cameras have gotten so good these days, you can just take them yourself! Right?  Busted, Even with a wide angle lens a cell phone isn’t going to give you the professional quality image that buyers have come to expect online. Its not the camera that makes a great marketing image, its the experience and skill to frame and capture the best shot. and then the processing that makes a great image.

  • Myth 3. All professional photographers are the same

Your friend is a Wedding, portrait, or landscape photographer, they can shoot the listing for you. Busted ! Just because someone is a professional photographer, doesn’t mean that they know how to make a real estate listing look the best. You need a photographer who specializes in shooting real estate. On top of that, there are several different methods that photographers can use to shoot and edit the images. Not all photographers are the same.

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Lets jump back in with 

Myth 4.  Pro photos are expensive

Something is only expensive when you don’t get the value you expect out of it. Listing photos and other marketing media that you buy for your listing not only markets your listing for sale, but its also telling your future clients that you’re a professional that works hard and does everything they can to ensure the best outcome for your clients. Now when they see that you go all out and hire professionals to help market your listings, they know that you’re going to work just as hard for them. When put side by side, sellers are going to choose the broker that puts in the effort.

  • Myth 5. Pro photos take too long

When you’ve got a signed listing agreement, it can be tempting to snap a few shots and get it live right away. Especially if it takes a long time to get a pro out to do it.  But when you work with the right professionals, that shouldn’t be an issue. Online scheduling and next business day delivery are now commonplace  and allow you to go live quickly!

And what’s a top 5 list without a bonus myth

  • Bonus: It’s Hard to find a good pro

So where do you find a great professional real estate photographer? Many brokerages and Realtor Associations have vendor lists of pros you can hire. Finding a pro that is active and giving back to the Realtor community is always a safe bet. 

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