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Do you throw up a bunch of pictures, maybe slap a link to the MLS and call it good?

If so, you’re missing out on a ton of marketing potential!

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Hey everyone, I’m Pete Stagl with Servant 360°, if you’re new here, we share tips and strategies that help Realtors just like you, sell more houses, faster and for more money. Make sure to like and subscribe to always be notified when we release these weekly videos!

When you get your delivery email from us, you have access to a ton of media rich content that you can use to help market your listing.

But that by itself isn’t where it should stop.

You need a strategy and plan to get the word out about your new listing. You want everyone who is looking for your listing to know that it is available and ready to become their new home!

In the last couple of videos we’ve talked about all of the nifty marketing graphics and videos you get with our total marketing kit. We’ve encouraged you to sign up for our webinar where we are going to show you how to use all these tools. 

Psst – Make sure you sign up! It’s this Wednesday at 1pm!

One of the big things we’re going to cover on the webinar is our 5 Day Listing Marketing Blitz Framework. This is your strategy and plan for making sure everyone knows that your listing is hot on the market!

We’re going to give you the exact layout and what to say in your Facebook, Instagram, and even Linkedin posts. And we’re going to show you what to post for the first 5 days your listing is active.

This framework alone is worth signing up for the webinar.

So join me this Wednesday at 1pm

Don’t forget, we’re covering:

  • How to navigate your account – including scheduling/ rescheduling and cancelling shoots.
  • How to download your photos, copy your virtual tour links as well as where to use which ones.
  • We’ll go over every piece of the Total Marketing kit – From the property website to social media tiles and teaser videos
  • And We’re gonna reveal our 5 day listing marketing blitz framework 

We’re going to answer all of your questions about how to use your listing media. We’ll also have a live Q&A section so bring all your listing marketing questions!

This event is going to be a lot of fun, we’re gonna do some giveaways and you’ll come away with a ton of marketing tips and tricks. So make sure you sign up today!

Again its Wednesday November 10th at 1pm.

Register for the free webinar here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

At Servant 360° We feel Realtors shouldn’t have to put up with inconsistent results from their marketing providers. that’s why we provide consistent quality photos, floor plans, virtual tours and videos that help Realtors, just like  you sell more houses faster, and for more money.

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Thanks for watching and as always it’s our pleasure to serve!

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